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WCA Associate Corporate Membership Consultancy Services > 20 Employees
This is a 12-month membership
This membership includes 10 member slot(s)

Associate Corporate Member Benefits Services and Activities:

WCA facilitates cooperation at sector level. This gives members opportunities to work across sectors on development of industrial symbiosis models that consider sustainability, digitalization and other trends which lead to new business opportunities for the building materials sector, benefiting both our members and society at large.

Join a global community

  • meeting and networking opportunities
  • virtual and hybrid - participate in WCA members' professional committees and networks
  • discounted tickets to WCA events, open days, conferences – including opportunities to sponsor at a discounted rate
  • Shared best practice, information, and resources

Get the latest industry information and be at the cutting edge

  • access to members-only virtual technical forums, in which relevant managers from member companies can share experience on a specific topic, learn from experts and see new technology in action
  • opportunities to learn about new technologies and assess the related prospects at a very early stage in their development, helping members to stay a step ahead of the competition
  • access to WCA webinars and podcasts, briefings, news, and information
  • access to the members-only area of our website with technical reports, meeting minutes and presentations Gain exposure for your organisation and our WCA Community Site

Gain exposure for your organisation: 

  • opportunities to contribute to interviews, articles, podcasts and other trade media
  • representation of members, and a chance for members and their employees to participate in international forums, platforms, and events
  • bespoke listing on the WCA website
  • discounted tickets and passes to WCA partner events

Be a part of change

 WCA works together with its members to support a sustainable cement industry and encourages technical development and other steps to achieve full decarbonisation 

Please note that all membership applications are assessed to ensure that they meet the membership criteria and are subject to approval by WCA.

Please note by submitting my completed form I acknowledge that I have read and agree to abide by the WCA member rules, code of conduct and Antitrust Compliance Guidelines - available on the WCA website:

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Membership Refund Policy

I understand that I may cancel my subscription within 7 days provided I have not used any membership services. After 7 days my membership subscription is non-refundable. For further information please contact